Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Southern Belle

Guess where I went last weekend? Georgia! Yep. I escaped the cold darkness of Salt Lake City and ran away to warm and sunny Georgia with my best friend. This was my first time in the south, and I can't say enough good about it. I loved it. I want to go back tomorrow. It was even warm enough to go boating - I reunited with my freckles and actually enjoyed every face plant and mouthful of lake water because it meant it was sunny and warm enough to be outside on the lake...in a boat...in the sun...in a boat...in the sun...woops, I already said that.

Hope the weather is turning warm and happy in your area!

Here are two little teasers to remind you that summer and warmth do exist:


  1. Oh my gosh, those pictures are torture. It's spring it, but chilly and certainly NOT summer. Boo.

  2. Could you imagine if your backyard looked like that? I wonder if our mutual friend would agree to the majesty of Georgia...wait, who am I kidding? She lived in a golden palace!

    I've said it earlier, but I will say it again...I am so happy for you! You have grown up so fast!

  3. My brother is serving his mission in Georgia right now! Every time it is rainy and cloudy (all the time in Ohio) I think of him and hate that it isn't me! haha glad you enjoyed it :)

  4. I personally would like to see your pictures of Georgia, and I would LOVE to see a picture of you and your best friend. :)

  5. 80 degrees and sunny in Virginia this week :)

    So excited for hiking and days by the pool and lunch outside on the library benches!

  6. Let's go back!

    I'm glad you enjoyed those face plants - you had plenty of them ;)

  7. ahhh! i'm so jealous! provo keeps teasing me!


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