Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am a three-floor rule abider.

My coworker, Amanda, and I made a rule for ourselves. After eating three muffin tops at an event on Saturday (of which I enjoyed every bite) we decided that we needed to work of our own muffin tops (sorry, TMI) by abiding by the "three-floor rule."

What is the three-floor rule? Taking the stairs, instead of the elevator, when we are "traveling" three or fewer floors.

My heart appreciates my efforts. I bet yours would too.

No More Neverland

Goodbye Captain Hook. Goodbye Lost Boys. Goodbye Peter.

I had a meeting with the HR department last week. Want to know what we talked about? Insurance. Benefits. You know, big kid stuff. I can't believe I'm old enough, or in the state of life where it is necessary, or even possible, for me to have my own insurance card.

Barf. Oh geez.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

One of my favorites

Cornelia, Mother of the Gracchi, Pointing to her Children as Her Treasures, Angelica Kauffman, circa 1785

This is a painting I learned about way back in my senior year of high school... it is still one of my favorites.

The woman in red is showing the woman standing in white (Cornelia) all of the things her husband has brought back for her from his worldly travels...pearls, rings, necklaces, etc. After she is finished bragging about how many treasures she owns she turns to Cornelia and asks her, "So what treasures to you have?"

Cornelia replies by asking for her children to come to her and says, "Here are my treasures." Cornelia is pointing out the foolishness and vanity of the materialism of this woman by showing what really matters, her children.

The red the woman is wearing symbolizes passion, while the white that Cornelia wears symbolizes purity. Cornelia's daughter is between the two women and is fascinated by the sparkle of the things the foolish woman is showing as she picks up a piece of jewelry. The daughter is innocent and pure because she is a child, however her young age also causes her to be also attracted to things that shine. She does not yet have the wisdom to see value beyond materialistic things. Because the daughter is innocent and simultaneously attracted to beautiful objects, she is wearing a dress that is pink: mixing the red of passion and the white of innocence.

Interesting, huh? That's why I love art history.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to school

In honor of Adam Sandler's "Back to School" song, I'd like to remind all my fellow friends who are returning to school this fall of one word: magic.

I don't know if you can disagree with me on the fact that there is a "feeling" on the first day of school. You felt it in 3rd grade, 11th grade and your first day as a freshman at college. I felt it particularly strongly every fall semester at BYU. There is just something about being on campus in your new outfit, with a new schedule of classes and a total excitement for the beautifully difficult, adventurous and life-changing semester ahead. (Confession: I was always excited for the new route I had to take across campus. New route = new cute guys to scope out. I can't believe I'm confessing this.)

I will miss watching the obvious difference between the wide-eyed freshmen and the harried married seniors as well as the gorgeous trees and flowers on campus making BYU's campus one of the most beautiful in the country. My little sister once wrote in regard to her feelings on being back on campus, "My heart is bursting and it kind of hurts; I want to stop and have a personal dance party; why can't I bis bis every person I see on campus and tell them I love them? In fact, why can't we bring bis bis to America? I feel like there would be much less conflict and stealing were we to instigate bis bis in the U.S. of A." I couldn't agree more, my darling little sister.

So, wherever you are, whichever campus you are walking on this coming fall, remember what you are doing. Remember this time will only last so much longer... and when it is done, you'll miss it. I do.

But, there is a time and a place for everything. I loved and completed my time at BYU. I don't regret a thing. I'm moved on to the next thing now. I have a full-time job that I just started last week, with which I am absolutely in love. I couldn't ask for a better boss or coworkers. I work directly across the street from Temple Square and my window looks out at the Temple and Assembly Hall. I get to wear a badget on my belt to get me up and down the elevator- for some reason that makes me feel really cool.

Summer, I love you. I'll miss you. But, Fall, welcome back. I've missed you.


Don't you just sometimes crave a good laugh? I'm totally in the mood for a really good, hearty laugh. One that makes your stomach and cheeks hurt and brings little tears to the corners of your eyes.

I need to be with friends or go visit my niece and nephew who live five minutes away... it has been too long since I have laughed a really good laugh.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I'm hiking this the weekend of August 27 and 28 with some friends. These are the Narrows at Zions National Park. Anyone else want to come with?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm baaaaaack

I packed up my life in California and moved to Utah. I'm back. I didn't think it would happen, but it did. And you know, it feels really right. I came back to Utah not sure if I had a job or not. I applied and interviewed for a job in Salt Lake City, but wasn't sure if I was going to get it. I met with the company again yesterday and found out that I got the job! I start tomorrow. I am thrilled. I'll be working for Deseret Book, a publishing company in Salt Lake City, as a junior publicist. It is crazy - I have a full-time job. No more internships. Hallelujah!

Next mission: find a singles ward in Salt Lake. Not sure how long I can handle a family ward. Any suggestions on good singles wards in SLC?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mariachi Bands

I was in old town San Diego last night, enjoying a delicious mexican food dinner with two friends. Half way into our bowl of free chips and salsa, I look up and see the infamous Mariachi band making its way through the crowd... with the "tip sombrero." Oh boy. Is there anything more awkward than sitting at your table, without your food to distract you, and politely listening to the Mariachi band that is swaying back and forth only two feet from you? Do you look at them or the guitar? Do you just focus on eating? But what if you don't have your food yet? Do you continue with the conversation the band just interrupted, or is that impolite?

The band was singing to a family next to our table... it was awkward just watching.

The band then turned and saw our table and to avoid them, we started yelling (quietly) at each other, in hopes of scaring them away. Did it work? Nope. They still came over.

Band leader: "Hola Senoritas! We play you some beautiful music?! Romantic music?!"

Me: "Oh, we don't want anything romantic... thank you though!" (As I shake my head.)

They walk away...

True success in life can be defined by victoriously avoiding a Mariachi band.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

500 Million Friends on Facebook

They made a movie about Michael Jackson and Princess Diana. So why not make a movie about Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook? Well, they are. Following is the movie trailer for the movie, "500 Million Friends." Did you know that Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in the world? Woot. Go Z.

Bieber Memoir

Whaaaaa?! Justin Bieber, the 16-year-old pop star, is writing a memoir. Yep. A memoir. He is 16 years old.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mindy Gledhill

This is a promotional video for a Mindy Gledhill concert, taking place tonight. I love Mindy Gledhill and I love seeing this video of her being goofy with CJane.

Criss Angel - Jones Family Debut

How many of you have heard about Criss Angel?

I hadn't... until I was on one of his shows.

About five years ago, my parents, little sister and I had just arrived at a resort in Cancun when we were asked to participate as background people for an episode of Criss Angel's show. They told us what to do and where to sit. They gave my parents glasses of wine to hold (and drink...no thanks) during the taping. If you look directly behind the couple and Criss Angel when he approaches the couple, there are four people... one tall guy in a white shirt is my dad... and my little sister is in a blue and white floral shirt. She has a solo debut toward the end. You can kind of see me... not very well - I'm stage shy.


Current status

of the San Diego Temple...

Everything covered in scaffolding... temple is closed until sometime in late August or early September. I'm working in San Diego this week and we stopped for a quick peek at the temple. Kind of weird to see the temple like this - didn't feel right. But, I guess they're beautifying it so it will be that much better later on. 


Last night I attended the baptism of a friend. I met her about a month ago at a YSA bonfire. She met with the missionaries and new the Church is true, and got baptized last night. The baptism was amazing - the Spirit was so strong. I listened to a darling friend give the talk on Baptism and she talked about the freedom that baptism, and membership in this Church, provides us. She was so right - this Church does provide freedom. Freedom from addiction, freedom from sin, (we all still sin, but we know how to repent and be clean), freedom to return to our Heavenly Father and Savior. There are so many ways we are free because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I let a few tears slip out as I watched the Elders get up while we were waiting for the baptizer and baptizee to return from changing. The Elders were teaching us a first lesson - it was obvious which one was the senior companion and which was the junior. One confidently looked out at the crowd and spoke without notes, going back and forth between the well-marked scriptures in his Book of Mormon, the other a little less-confident and relying on his notes. They did a beautiful job of keeping and magnifying the Spirit who was already present. I ached to pull out my Preach My Gospel and get up there with them and teach. I miss that feeling so badly.

I realized, yet again, how much I miss the mission. It made my heart ache to go back and put my nametag on. I wanted to be back at the MTC teaching and basking in the Spirit that the humble, new missionaries bring with them when entering and studying at the MTC. Why does life get so complicated after coming home from the mission? Life was so simple and perfect on the mission... and thoughtless. I had one purpose and I worked on that purpose everyday: to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored Gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.

That was my purpose. I guess I could say my purpose is still the same, now that I've been home a year and nine months, but my time commitment is a lot less. Wish it wasn't a lot less - but what can you do?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Inconvenience #15

Frozen butter is an annoyance as well as an inconvenience.