Saturday, September 17, 2011


Really great excuses for not blogging:

1. Work is keeping me insanely busy... lots to read after hours. (Not complaining.)
2. The Boy. (Deeeeefinitely not complaining.)
3. Life. (Okay, I'll complain a little bit about a dirty house, laundry pile, and a sink that is clogged.)

Here's to prioritizing. Sorry Blog, you've been beaten out by a clogged sink.


  1. I like that one of your reasons is a boy. May you continue not to blog if that will continue to be your reason.

  2. i want to know MORE about this boy!

  3. I definitely know how that goes. Between keeping up with school, tutoring, and planning a wedding I've got almost no time in between.
    Kudos to you for still doing your best and keeping us updated!


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