Saturday, October 24, 2009

And 1 Streetballers

I witnessed some amazing streetballing last night. Wow! And 1 Streetballers were at Orem High School and Kels and I went and checked them out. Mmm hmm -- you read that right. We had SO much fun! If you aren't familiar with the group, it is a group of guys that play street basketball to raise funds for a non-profit organization. They played a Utah basketball league (Brent Brown team) last night. The cool thing is, it really is streeball. There is no ref - no fouls - no calls - nothing. Just a bunch of really good basketball players showing off and having fun. There weren't any fights, although there were a few times I thought there might be. They played awesome music the whole game and the players were dancing on the court and totally just playing with the crowd. Awesome.

Here is a YouTube clip to see a little more about them.

They were in the Wilkinson center on Thursday and Kels and I were in there eating lunch and they approached us and invited us to come. We got all excited and were having fun jokin around with these guys... then when we saw them last night, they TOTALLY remembered us! Mmm hmmmm!

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