Thursday, October 1, 2009

Combating the cold weather blues [Part II]

Okay... so here are a few more ideas. Pretty good ones.

(1)Mr./ Ms. "Sassafrass" Anonymous said...

"Stop your whining! Grab the newest ski video and get decked out in all your snow-gear and embrace the gloriousness that is WINTER!"

1. Am I whining? I didn't write it to sound like whining... just stating my opinion.
2. I don't really ski, so I don't know if that would be the best way for me to embrace winter. But, I encourage anyone who DOES ski to follow Anonymous' advice... I'm sure that if that gets Anonymous excited, then it will others. Thank you, Anonymous, for your comments and for reading my blog.

(2)Megs suggested: accepting it.

Say what? Megs... come now.

"I know, I know. It's a crazy concept and I could get killed for saying it! But come on, winter has it's pluses, and I always feel bad for winter for getting the short end of the stick :(

Think about it this way: Winter is that time of year where you get to put a fire on and snuggle next to your sweetie. Winter is where you get to exercise in a different way than usual; sliding down the top of a mountain. Winter is when you get to wear your adorable outfits and walk around Temple Square admiring the lights. My point? Winter is romantic!"

Shoot! Megs... you just convinced me. Good argument. Winter is romantic. And beautiful. Thank you for your fabulous ideas darling.

(3)Zack said...

"When that thermometer begins to drop and happiness ebbs until Christmas, I always love to stop by Sonic, get a large root beer with that pebble ice and sit in the hot tub for about two hours.

...if that doesn't warm your soul then you don't have one."

Well, Mr. Oates, if I didn't turn into "grandma hands", I might hot tub a little more often and try that root beer. Or maybe I need to hot tub more often so that I can get over the grandma hands? Moral of the story: I have half a soul.

(4)Kels said...

"Turn on jazz music and watch the rain outside while sipping some herbal tea in sweats--slippers included--for approximately one hour. After taking a hot shower and changing into your craziest outfit, call up your friends and go ice skating. Then return home and have a dance party with the door open. If you are having a dance party correctly, you will soon appreciate the open door and cold air.
That, children, is how to enjoy winter."

I love the jazz, rain and tea combo. This is a close competitor with "singing the Cougar fight song" for position of "my favorite idea."


  1. That's because they were both my ideas. hehe

  2. My favorite part...WINTER IS ROMANTIC! I love the style of clothes people wear! And it makes you all snuggly! LOVE IT!


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