Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Reel" Life Love

In honor of the upcoming holiday, Valentine's Day, [Yes, it's coming, FYI,] a friend of mine created this video to celebrate the pure and simple beauty of love.

He created the video for a contest and is hoping for as many votes as he can get.

You can watch the video through YouTube, but in order to vote for it, follow this link and click "like."

Enjoy... and happy true love!


  1. ya, I don't love being tickled against my will either...poor kid.

  2. ummm how come you're so amazing at graphic design? no fair. maybe it took me a million years to make my lame-o header this morning...booo ;)

  3. Great Video!!!! loved the fact that he interviewed little kids!

  4. Love this video! So sweet and unique!!


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