Monday, December 28, 2009

"She is in a better place"

No, no one died.

My little sister spoke in church yesterday because she is leaving for the MTC (Missionary Training Center) this coming Wednesday. *tear* Yes, I am sad. She is going to be serving in the Russia Moscow Mission. I'm incredibly excited for her. She is an amazing person and is going to give the Russians a definite run for their money and show they what they are missing. i.e.: the real purpose of life. I'm grateful she gets to have this experience.

I had a couple friends over after church to help eat some of the food and we all started laughing when I said that despite me being sad for Kelsey's departure, she was going to a better place. Sounds like she is dying... but no.
I remember her writing me a few times on the mission... I will be a MUCH better writer than she was. I set up a blog to post her letters that she sends home.


  1. I think the fact that she is required to write home to us will be the only reason Kels will take the time to write us. She is a little stinker. Can't wait to get some letters flowing in either way.

  2. Hey!! I was a good writer!! I wrote you nearly every week you punk! And Air...I will write you now, so no more complaining.....

  3. Hey!! I wrote you nearly every week you little crankshaft!!! And Arian, I will be writing you a lot now, so no more complaining....:)


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