Monday, February 22, 2010

Checking out

It's here. I've hit it. My college brain is shutting down. My love of Provo is dying, or rather, is dead. I'm slowly checking out of my life at BYU. I'm only taking two classes right now and the desire to work is only enough for one class - my capstone/ senior project class. But the other class is unfortunately taking the brunt of my lack of desire to do homework. My reading quiz scores will be my witnesses.

I have been in college from September 2004 to now. (I didn't take a year and a half hiatus...)I will graduate in April... (Two months from today, thank you!) And then I'm heading to the city of angels (Los Angeles, CA) for an internship with the largest international PR firm in the world, Edelman PR. It is a paid internship; car provided, gas paid, housing provided, weekly food stipend and an awesome opportunity to learn the art of lobbying. The six interns who were hired (awesome people with whom I am SO excited to work) will be outsourced to a lobbying firm in downtown LA to work against certain bills that are being passed. In a matter of words, we're trying to help LA stay green.

Am I excited? Yes.

With all that flying around in my head, you can see why I'm having a hard time doing my homework. My brain is already on the beach and walking around downtown LA.

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