Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Joy Diane Harmon Jones

I spent the day with my mother on campus today. The purpose: my mother, Joy Diane Harmon Jones, is thinking about returning to college to finish her Bachelor degree. We met with two different advisers and learned what it would take for her to return and get that valuable piece of paper.

Something I learned in our hours of conversation together, was that she has spent the last 32 years of her life dedicating every second to a husband, who she loves more than anything, and her five children. Everything in her being has been for us. She gave up finishing her education so that she could fulfill her ultimate purpose: being a wife and a mother and raising her children to be intelligent, independent, spiritual beings with their own testimonies of their Savior Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father. She wanted nothing more than to see us grow up and understand who we truly are and what our potential is. Now, almost 32 years later, she has three of five children graduated from BYU, one who will graduate in three months, another who will graduate in about four years, four returned missionaries, one child who spent a semester in Jerusalem studying the Savior's life, three children-in-law, nine grandchildren and a testimony that will bring anyone to tears.

She has given everything.

It is her time now.

Remember the feeling of the first day of freshman year on campus? Walking onto campus and experiencing that magical feeling that only exists during the first couple days of Fall semester? Ya, that magic was here today - embodied in my mother. Tears filled her eyes a few times as we talked about different possibilities and options for her returning to school, as well as the blessings that would come from this. She has been blessed for giving the last 32 years to her family, and not that that was a sacrifice. She chose that and that was what she wanted most. She wouldn't give it up for anything. It's just that now that that time has passed and almost all of her children are married off and mostly independent, she has a little more time on her hands and she wants to use it wisely.

Joy Diane Harmon Jones is one of the most phenomenal women that lives on this earth. I know that everyone reading this post right is slightly biased toward their own mothers, and I completely understand that. But, I just have to say how much I love my mother who also plays the roles of my best friend, hero, example and confidant.

Good luck Mama!


  1. Even if I am biased toward my own mother, I will admit that yours is exceptional as well! Reading this, I became so excited for her, and for us. Life holds so many promises and adventures and this helps me smile to welcome the future. GOOD LUCK JOY!!

  2. I love this post! Your mother is amazing and I am so excited that she is able to do something now that is just for her. She is a wonderful example to all of us women/mothers. Tell her that I am so excited for her, love her, and am praying for her to easily find her niche back in the college world. She will continue to touch lives through all that she does!

  3. What a tender post. Love it. I agree and say a hearty "AMEN!" to everything you said. Our mom is more than one in a trillion! Can't wait to call her and have her say that she can't talk long because she has to study. Won't that be a hoot!


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