Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Label on Love

I'm not usually one to really go all out and celebrate Valentine's Day. {Kind of cute that we put a label on love and call it a holiday: Valentine's Day.} Shouldn't we love all the time? So, everyday could be called Valentine's Day? Hmm, maybe not - we'd all be sick from all the chocolate we were given.

Remember in fourth grade when we made those awesome Valentine's Day mailboxes? I think we should bring those back. That would be neat. Then you could give me a treat. But please make sure it isn't anything made out of wheat. That wouldn't be sweet. I might call you a cheat, and bite your feet. (That little rhyming section was for my sister, Arian. Go...)

Anyway... Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. I hope you all enjoy the long weekend and a little lovin! I will be getting some lovin from a big, brown-eyed boy named Brody in Arizona - aka, my nephew. My niece, Danica and other nephew Tanner will be getting some time with Aunt Ash as well!


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