Thursday, July 1, 2010

Freshman year

Have you recently looked back at pictures of yourself from high school or your freshman year of college? Here is how your experience will probably go: your eyes will widen a little as you slowly start to shake your head... then you'll bow your head, close your eyes, and laugh...

[note: this only really works if you have been out of high school for more than four or five years... if not, then your pictures on Facebook are probably still socially acceptable.]

If you haven't done this, you should. I'll bet you ten bucks you'll get a really good laugh out of it.

I did.


  1. I thought the same thing this week as I was looking through old pictures. Crazy what 5 years does!

  2. Which pictures were you looking at? Wasn't freshman year completely ridiculous? But I miss sharing all the ridiculous-ness with you.

  3. Just random pictures on my facebook from freshman year... I can't believe it has been 6 years! We look SO little! :) I miss our ridiculousness too! ;)

  4. I love that on your list of things to do this summer is smack kids in the head if they steal candy at my wedding! LOVE IT!

  5. Ah... remember the yogurt picture! That wasn't even freshman year. I love those old pictures, and we were totally ridiculous but we had so much fun!


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