Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A weekend of ethnic proportions

Yes, a weekend of ethnic proportions. This weekend, I ate the following ethnic foods. Can you guess which foods go with which ethnicity?

1. Bratwurst, potatoes and mustard

2. Pita bread, lamb, cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic and hummus

3. Noodles, beef, carrots, celery, onions, chicken broth, cilantro

4. Curry, chicken, spinach, raisins, rice, nan

(a) Turkish

(b) Vietnamese

(c) Indian

(d) German

Don't ask me which one my favorite was... I don't think I could even come close to choosing one. It was pretty amazing eating German food again, after spending 18 months in Germany. Same goes for Turkish food - although, I didn't spend 18 months in Turkey, it kind of seems like I did because Turkish people are all over in Germany. I have not visited Vietnam or India... yet.


  1. 15 months. 15 months in Germany.

  2. I ate Vietnamese food last week & it may possibly have been the NASTIEST thing I've eaten. Even remembering now glad to hear your experience was better

  3. Okay... so if we are getting technical, 16 months in Germany. I was only in the MTC for 2 months. But I was learning German during those two months, so it is kind of like being in Germany. :) And Addie: what did you eat? That is the key... I had pho, and it was delicious! Sorry you had a bad experience with it. :(

  4. 1- d)German; 2- a)Turkish; 3- b)Vietnamese; 4- c)Indian. Stimts? oder stimts? :)

  5. I had 2 pho soups...& I think one had a fish meatball??? I bit into it & was sure it was SPAM. One was spicy (which I could get down bc the heat masked the flavors) & the other was simply unpalatable. But hey, it was a new adventure :)


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