Monday, July 12, 2010

Guest highlight

I just want to highlight a friend of mine. Her name is "Painting the Air." She has this incredibly urban/ retro/ classy style, and I absolutely love it. She took some fabulous pictures a little bit ago and posted them on her blog... I emailed her and am anxiously awaiting her reply so I can figure out her secret to producing these pictures.

Love you, my "napkin alert" friend.

1 comment:

  1. You are the sweetest in the world! I miss and love you SO MUCH! Sorry I didn't figure out you emailed me til just now, I don't check my hotmail anymore. I do, however, use Gmail religiously. So here's the secret! It's not very impressive. The pictures were taken with my phone camera (which is relatively nice, similar to any digital point and shoot) and then I put the photos through a program called Poladroid. You can google it. It's a free download that turns any picture into a digital polaroid. The program did the polaroid shape, obviously, but also the sweet filter. It also makes a cool noise like a real Polaroid and it takes a minute to develop! So that's it. Now you don't think I'm as cool as you did, but I am going to assume you still love me anyway. :)


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