Friday, June 10, 2011

Mirrors and Banana Bread

Happy Friday! Has this week gone super slowly for anyone else?

2 things:
1. You know how I said on yesterday's post that I am a little noncommital when it comes to craft projects? Well... I've got some pictures for you on my FINISHED project!(Coming Monday...) Think old, oval, oak-framed mirrors, gone fantastically vintage/bohemian! (Squeal!) I'm so excited how they turned out...and proud of myself for just doing it.

2. Oh funny:

I (home)made some delish banana bread two nights ago and flipped on the TV to find some noise to keep me company. Oh, hello America's Next Top Model! I literally had to stop stirring because I was so distracted by these wanna-be models trying to walk on treadmills, in four-inch heels, while wearing designer, definitely-hard-to-wear, dresses. And all in an effort to test the ability to stay composed. Oh heavens... I was laughing my head off. Tripping, lunging, straddling... pure awkwardness. And if I was doing it, I'd be just as awkward (if not more), and by the end, surely would have been flat on my face.

1 comment:

  1. you = the bomb.
    and you aej would not land on your face.


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