Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A working clock?

Which room in an office would you think to be one of the more important to have a working, and correct, clock? Your cubicle? No. The board room? Maybe. Break room? You have a winner!

You know... you want it correct so you can get back to work on time, or so you don't take too long of a break, or so you can get to your next meeting on time. What a depressing thing to think about while you're in the break room: the end of your lunch break. Live that ten minute/ one hour break up to the fullest! (You can sense the sarcasm in this post, can't you?!)

I walked into our break room today and looked at the clock - oh, don't worry, it's either five hours fast, or really, really slow. I think the person who set it like that was shooting for the "five hours fast" option.

Enjoy your next break!


  1. Haha! So great! Thank you so much for finding my blog- because now I'm in love with your blog! :)

  2. Here's how I solved that dilemma:


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