Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girl gift

Need an idea for a bridal shower gift? I saw this on Pinterest and decided to do it. I got on Amazon and ordered Scrabble letters for less than it cost to ship them. Grabbed a $5 frame from Ikea and glued the letters on. I've done this for a couple friends and they turned out pretty cute! I know I'd love to get this as a gift, so hopefully they liked it.


  1. i love this! it's so so cute! another idea for getting the letters would be to check your local DI - they've got tons of games for $2 each and i'm pretty sure i've seen scrabble there before! yay! i love all the fun projects you post on here!

  2. Very cute idea! I love your blog!!!

    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Very cute idea and it's quick and easy! Love that. :)

  4. Cute idea! :) Also quick and easy! Love it!

  5. Very nice! So that's the Pinterest photo or that's the photo of your creation? Even more points if you made that! (and even more if you could also incorporate a Q and a Z. ZLOVE and QYOU?)

  6. @T. Taylor Joo: no, this is my photo I took of the one I actually made. Not bad, eh?

  7. what a darling idea ashley! i love, love this and i love your blog! thanks for sharing this idea!

  8. love this idea! Haha, the title made me think you were going to talk about menstration, and I laughed when I saw that's not what it was about!

    With love, Alexis

  9. what a cute idea! i love it! and i also love the design of your blog - did you do it yourself? i'm your newest follower : )


    p.s. i unveiled my new cookbook, vegetables & vodka, on my blog today - and it's FREE to download. hope you enjoy it!


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