Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pill - O

Have I mentioned I'm moving this week?


I am.

A cute room in a little red brick house has my name on it. I'm slowly gathering my things (throwing out a lot of stuff...I didn't realize I had so much stuff) and trying to stay organized while making the move. Through the process of organizing and packing, however, I've had to call down the powers of heaven and exert all effort in keeping myself from thinking I "need" to go to IKEA to buy "supplies." I don't need more stuff. But seeing my inner-dilemma, my sweet mama gave me three huge pillows she isn't using anymore. Holla! So guess what I get to do? Make covers for them!

Here's what I'm thinking:

Kristin has some fabulous ideas and tutorials.

Or maybe this one...

If I can figure this tuck one out, I think it will definitely win one of the three positions...

This idea caught my eye, but then I thought twice. Might be a little too narcissistic for a single girl sleeping in a lumpy twin sized bed. I'll revisit the idea once I'm attached to a man.


  1. I am in LOVE with these pillows. I may be moving cross country this year and if I do I'm giving my place a whole new look! I love re-decorating :)


  2. I bought a queen sized bed about a year after my first big girl job. Best decision I ever made. LOVE my bed.

    PS wanna make some pillows for me? I'm not crafty. At. All.

  3. These are all adorable! I LOVE the one with the tucks. Must try someday.

  4. These pillows are just beautiful. I want them. On another note. I'm going to Ikea today! Yipee! .-))

    p.s. I'm having a sweet music giveaway. I think you'll like it. xo


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