Thursday, August 11, 2011


The grandma I knew best passed away a little over three years ago. I was on my mission in Germany when I read my mom's email telling me my grandma had passed away - while resting in her rocking chair. Perfect way to go, right? She deserved a peaceful passing like that. She was, and still is, incredible. Saying I miss her is an understatement.

All three years of high school I took darkroom photography classes. I ate that stuff up. My senior year, I was going through some of my grandma's stuff with my grandma and my mom and we came across a roll of film that had never been developed. WHA?! So, with my life in my hands, I took that roll of film to school and carefully developed it. My friend recently referred to this story as a real "time capsule." Seriously. I couldn't believe the pictures I had and the stories we discovered because of them. This is one of the pictures we got from the film - my grandma, Eleanor. Isn't she fabulous? She now occupies space on my dresser so I can remember to try and be as fabulous as she is/was.

And if you notice that gold heart locket to the left of that picture, that belonged to her. It has her initials carved into the gold. Love that little memento of hers.


  1. This is so beautiful! I'd love to see more pics from that roll of film! What a treasure!! :)

  2. Such a beautiful picture of your grandma.
    It's always to remember those special persons in our lives who are already with the Lord.

    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

  3. What a special picture to have! I love your grandma's pearls, and I love just about any woman named Eleanor. I associate it with the strongest of women! :)


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