Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A little surprise inside...

I finally did it!

A cigar box? No...

Surprise! An earring holder!

Welcome to the top of my dresser... See those old-school glass herb bottles? Yep. They're holding my earrings that I can't hook on the green velvet. They fit perfectly in the box, but for cuteness purposes, we ("we" meaning me, myself and I) displayed them so. (P.S. recognize that greenish-blue frame in the background?!)  

(P.P.S. Seriously, who would want a fatty cigar hangin' out of their mouth? NAST. They do make great boxes though. Gotta love that green velvet.)


  1. oooooooooooo! Very cute idea!! :D I love that!

  2. Love that idea!! Sooo adorable!

  3. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! Love it. Gotta make one of those. Ahem...also...nice earrings....

  4. Where did you find those? I totally want to do this!

  5. How Crafty of you! I love the green velvet, it's always hard to find a tasteful way to store jewelry.

  6. Oh wow! What a creative way to store your earrings. I love how it looks!

  7. I love this idea. You dresser/counter is so amazingly clean! :) You got stlye girl!

    Love, Alexis


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