Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The nun has broken out.

The sun is out. It hasn't been out for a while. Although, I did just get back from cruising on a ship to Mehiko (Mexico: for those of you who aren't familiar with a Spanish accent.) Now, I say Mexico and I know what you must be thinking. Contaminated! Swine flu! No. Wrong. The captain of the boat announced over the loud speaker the night before we were supposed to visit Ensenada that we in fact would NOT be visiting. The national health association deemed swine flu too dangerous and they didn't want to risk the health and safety of those on board. So, what did we do? We gained an extra few pounds. Yep. For anyone who has never been on a cruise, I will tell you one thing: there is unlimited soft serve ice cream and a 24 hour pizza bar. So, now you understand what I mean when I say "we gained a few extra pounds." I lost count of how many ice cream cones I ate. They are so happy! I perfected my swirl. Dairy Queen and McDonalds are both fighting for me and my skills. (Ewww. Gross. That makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.)

I think the best part of the cruise was the dancing. I normally tend to view myself as pretty conservative when it comes to dancing. I just got back from my mission and have been called "weird" but am slowly working out of the nun stage. I officially broke out on this cruise. I have a 20 year old sister who was with me on this cruise -- she is my inspiration when it comes to dancing. Can't quite do it without her. When we got on the dance floor, sober and without any care of who was watching, the party started. Seriously. We danced from 11:30 to 2:30... nonstop. I haven't sweat like that in a long time. Sorry, TMI. One of the nights, my sister and I and a few other friends were pretty pooped and done for the night so we maneuvered out way out of the club and passed another "adult" club. It was dead. Everyone was just sitting smoking, drinking and staring at the wall. There was a great live band going so the four of us looked at each other and without speaking a word, danced our way onto the dance floor. We got a few pretty awesome looks as we livened the place up. Within 10 minutes, we had the dance floor packed. Yes, packed. We surveyed our work and nodded in satisfaction, then left to get some fresh air. Mission accomplished. The nun has broken out.

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