Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Park City

So, I spent the weekend in the beautiful town of Park City. My gosh I love that place. It has to be one of my favorite spots on this earth -- seriously. I drove up through Provo canyon in my new little car and enjoyed the stunning drive... there was something totally comforting making that drive. Just me, my music and the gorgeous scenery. I almost ran myself off the road trying to take a picture with my camera phone. Woops. I directly put that away and didn't try it again -- but the picture was worth it. One thing I didn't get to do is visit my favorite art gallery. Out of all of the art museums and galleries I have seen... this has to top them all on my list. Scanlan Photography. They have a small gallery right on Main Street in PC... everytime I'm up there, I have to stop in. I've never purchased anything there and I probably won't either. It would ruin the novelty of getting to go in everytime I'm in PC. You know what I mean? I love the feel of PC. Granolas everywhere. Subtly classy, hard core and vintage. The granolas inspired me -- I found out this weekend that I can get out of the shower and just let my hair pretty much air dry and it will dry into this kind of wild, wispy curly do. Easy, fast and I love it. Thank you granolas. Thank you Park City.

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