Monday, June 1, 2009

Mondays = sticking tongue out

Ugh. Another Monday. My friend Zack posted on his facebook wall the following: "Dear Monday, Hope you weren't planning on being sucky--because i'm in a good mood. Thanks. Zack." Well said Zack. Why are Mondays always so lame? Even if you have good stuff going on or it is going to be a good week... Mondays still seem to stink. How can I change this? Can it be changed? I even try and look my cutest on Mondays and wear a cute outfit... do my hair nicely... does it work? Meh. Sometimes.

Not to mention my boss came into the office today and said it smelled like a dead skunk had made its way into the office over the weekend. Thanks. That made my Monday that much better. Mondays really do stink.

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