Monday, June 1, 2009

When pigs fly... oh but swine flu!

AHH! Hilarious. *Insert non-laughing, bored expression here.* Ya, I'm sure you've all heard that joke. There are a few variations of it. "Well, Obama has accomplished a lot in the first 100 days of office. But most impressive... swine flu!" Do you see my face? (No, but just go with me on this...) I'm not laughing. It is a little overdone now. Enough with the joke people. I'm having a hard time taking the whole swine flu thing seriously. The regular flu has killed more people than swine flu has. Personally, swine flu is just the flu with a silly blown-out-of-proportion name. I did get a text from my boss this weekend saying that there are 14 confirmed cases of swine flu at the MTC. (I teach German there.) He told us if we feel even mildly sick to stay home and get a sub. (Poor sub... he/she will get their turn feeling sick in a couple days.) If our missionaries are feeling sick, we are to send them to the doctor and then back to their rooms. Great. The MTC is like a petrie dish. One person gets sick, we all get sick. So, my friends, I would ask that you pray for me - even if you don't pray, meditate for me or something. I need all the help I can get. I've already contracted a cold and flu from my missionaries once this year, let's hope it doesn't happen again. But for now, I'm making friends with the other farm animals so when I join them as a pig, I won't be totally left out. Oink oink.

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