Monday, July 27, 2009

Speaking of Sisters

So, speaking of sisters... I have the best roommates ever. My source of happiness right now, amidst my crazy, hectic life, is my roommates. I come home after a long day and they are sitting there, after their long days, and we sit and talk. We catch up, talk about what is going on, we run decisions past each other to see if we made the right choice... it is amazing. I love them. So, two of my roommates were out of town over the long weekend. (They left Bre and I to see Wicked in AZ. Lame.) Well, since they were gone, Bre and I decided to have some fun to make them jealous. Thursday night, we walked into our apartment and decided it was time to hang some pictures up on our bare walls. We are in the middle of an apartment paint job so we put some pics up. I have an Ikea rug that I wanted to put down so Bre and I stood in our apartment and discussed different furniture arrangement options. For the next hour and a half, we moved just about every piece of furniture in every spot we could think of. In the end, we only switched two pieces of furniture. We even brought up an extra couch from our basement (which we had to take out the back and around to our front door... we were laughing pretty hard.) The apartment is now quite possibly one of the classiest apartments (college apartments) I have seen. We like to think there is a little New York in our apartment. So, if you want to see a classy college apartment, stop by. The door is open and the doorbell rings.

Then, the next day, Bre and I went WAKEBOARDING! I got up for the first time and stayed up... for a few seconds. But the fact is peeps, I got up! I had a blast with Bre and her fam. Felt good to be on the lake again after two years. I think I want a boat when I grow up. But I could do without the soreness. I biffed it a couple times and got some awesome whiplash.

Moral of the story... I love my roommates. Whit and Addie are back now... I'm glad. I missed them.

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  1. That was such a fun weekend! I am sitting at our table as I write this (one of the two pieces of furniture moved). Love you tons!


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