Friday, July 31, 2009

All grown up: pre-event

So, I feel grown up today. I'm sitting here in business slacks, pointy shoes, curled hair and a classy white blouse tucked into my pants with a black belt (leather, not karate.)Today, is the day of my first official PR event. I am currently interning for The Walton Group Inc., a PR firm in Provo. I have been working with one client inparticular, to plan their 10th anniversary event. Well, since the end of April, I have been working on this event and it is taking place tonight. There has been a lot of time spent on the phone, ordering, correcting and confirming. I have learned what it means to develop good relationships with vendors and to confirm things early. Writing has become a passion. Public relations work has been reconfirmed a passion. I have moments while sitting at my desk, after getting off the phone with a client or vendor, where I smile, laugh and shake my head as I go back to writing an email or whatever I was doing. I love my job. So much. I love what I do. There may be one or two times that I have let out a little yelp of glee or excitement. I'm a geek. Public relations is soo for me. I love organizing. I thrive on putting details in the right place and seeing it all work out. I may get a little stressed (a little being a slight understatement)but I think I have done really well today. Yesterday, I was a wreck. Today, I'm doing much better. There were a few last minute things that got to me: my printer freaking out and incorrectly printing the nametags for all the guests; the microphone being a puny little PA system for 50 people when I needed a manly PA system for 150 people. Other than that, things are working out quite well. Prayer works. Things all work out. And if something happens that doesn't work to my liking, it's okay. Life will go on. I still love my work. We'll hope that tonight goes well! The post-event update will be following shortly.

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  1. Good luck dearest! I'm so excited for you! Your outfit sounds HOT.


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