Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why is my life not more adventurous? Crap.

So, I'm doing a profile article for The Daily Universe on a guy named Spencer Humiston. He and his wife, Breckan, have become silent heroes for me. I came across their blog and did a little research on them and found out that they are doing something like a 4000 mile bike trip across Asia. Holy, freaking amazing. Green is running through my veins right now. There is a large part of me that would love to just drop everything I am doing right now and purchase a bike and pack a small bag and head to Asia to do the same thing. I read the majority of their blog posts as they kept their readers updated during their travels. Wow. Inspiring. They are returning to the land of the free now, so no more blog posts. Spencer is hilarious... a great writer, so I will continue following their regular blog. Their links are included in my favorites. Enjoy.

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  1. No one stopping you from heading to Asia, or anywhere else in the world. The time I spent over in SE Asia was some of the funnest, hardest, and most eye-opening of my life. To have no agenda, to go wherever your visa (and the next bus) take you, and to experience things likely never again seen, heard, or felt in life again...is priceless.


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