Thursday, August 6, 2009

What the... Windex?

So, I mentioned the date... and how I got eaten alive. Best date I've had in a while, despite the fact that I have been carrying anti-itch cream (for the bites, mind you) with me all day today. How embarassing. I got into work today and pulled up my right pant leg to flash my leg at my co-worker. She freaked out and thought I had some disease. I told her they were mosquito bites so she immediately hopped on Google to find a remedy. Want to know a couple remedies for those types of bites: scotch tape and Windex. The dude on My Big Fat Greek Wedding was right. It works. I may or may not have snuck into the office bathroom and doused my leg in cool, blue Windex. I may or may not have cut strips of scotch tape and covered my pathetic leg with it. I may or may not agree with Google that those definitely, 100 percent are remedies for relieving itch. You may or may not think I'm retarded after reading this post.

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