Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Event follow-up

So... it went well. Really well. I'm still tired though. It was an extremely long day. I got done there around 7:30 and then headed straight for the office to write a follow-up press release and got that sent out to the media. The highlight of the day had yet to happen... I drove home blasting Imogen Heap to chill out a little and left my windows rolled down cause I didn't care what my hair looked like anymore. I opened my apartment door and looked up to see Carlos, the friendly painter who is making our apartment look pretty, as well as one of my best friends whom I have not seen in almost three months. I saw him and almost started crying. I put my head down, closed my eyes and smiled; I put my bag and papers down and then gave him the biggest hug... as big as I could give him because he just had shoulder surgery. Three months may not seem that long, but he has been back in New York doing an internship and our communication has been slight, to say the least. Texts and a few priceless phone conversations were about it. I knew he was coming back to Provo for the month of August, but was under the impression he still had a week or two before he was coming out. Nope! Here he was, standing in front of me. An awesome surprise to end the day. It was SO good to see him. I'm sure you all understand not getting to see a really close friend for awhile and the feelings that come when you are finally reunited with them. Awesome.To say the least.

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