Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mariachi Bands

I was in old town San Diego last night, enjoying a delicious mexican food dinner with two friends. Half way into our bowl of free chips and salsa, I look up and see the infamous Mariachi band making its way through the crowd... with the "tip sombrero." Oh boy. Is there anything more awkward than sitting at your table, without your food to distract you, and politely listening to the Mariachi band that is swaying back and forth only two feet from you? Do you look at them or the guitar? Do you just focus on eating? But what if you don't have your food yet? Do you continue with the conversation the band just interrupted, or is that impolite?

The band was singing to a family next to our table... it was awkward just watching.

The band then turned and saw our table and to avoid them, we started yelling (quietly) at each other, in hopes of scaring them away. Did it work? Nope. They still came over.

Band leader: "Hola Senoritas! We play you some beautiful music?! Romantic music?!"

Me: "Oh, we don't want anything romantic... thank you though!" (As I shake my head.)

They walk away...

True success in life can be defined by victoriously avoiding a Mariachi band.


  1. I remember once when someone asked me "if you could have absolutely anything for your birthday what would it be?" and without hesitation or thought I blurted out "to have a mariachi band follow me around all day and sings songs of my awesomeness."


  2. And the creepy balloon guy! You are right, it is awkward. I feel like I just stepped on a chihuaha when I turn them away.

  3. So, I take it you were pretty darn uncomfortable at my wedding reception in Mexico?? :) Ha ha.

  4. second time!! remember the band from Olvera Street?? hahahaha


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