Friday, January 14, 2011

Guest Post: Painting the Air

A special welcome to Krista from Painting the Air! Thanks for guest posting today, love!

Hi! I'm so happy to be guest posting about fashion here on AE Jones: the blog! AEJ and I have been great friends for a long time. Since ninth grade, actually, although fashionable was not really a word one would use to describe us back then. However, we were also roommates in college and that is when AEJ was the first person to teach me about fashion and inspire me to find my style. She always looked gorgeous and put together and I was still just putting on a top and a bottom and hoping they matched. Living with her helped me realize that fashion is fun! I kind of raided her closet way too many times and the poor girl was more than generous to let me. Now I find inspiration in all sorts of places, but every time I see AEJ, I remember why I first wanted to wear pretty clothes. She is the epitome of loveliness and I'm honored to post on her blog.
I'm here to show you a way to transition your wardrobe from summer to winter without buying all new items. I'm not the greatest example of this; in fact, I went to Target a few weeks ago and hooked myself up with a bunch of new sweaters. But four sweaters does not a wardrobe make, so here's a way to make your outfits stretch a little farther.
This is a maxi dress that I used to wear in the summer with a t-shirt and sandals. Maybe you have a maxi dress in your closet or maybe there is one on the summer clearance rack for super cheap. Either way, it can easily be turned into a winter skirt.
Just wear a sweater over it! Add a scarf, belt, and boots and you've successfully made a summery dress last all through the winter. If it's really cold outside, wear some sweater tights underneath. I think it's just as warm as jeans but a lot more comfortable.
A few tips  for really making this outfit work: use a maxi dress that isn't tiered. A tiered one may look too prairie if worn as a skirt. Try a dress that is straight, or one that has a slight a-line cut, if it's not too billowy around the hips. If you have a skirt with lots of pattern, don't be afraid of a pattern on top too! Just be careful that they don't clash or look overwhelming. Try the classic stripes with florals, or polka dots with paisley. Use a belt to help create a waistline if your dress doesn't have one. Most importantly, wear something that you feel good in and that is fun! Fashion is all about expressing yourself, not looking like somebody else! 
I hope that was helpful! Thanks for having me, AE Jones!
(Sweater: Target, Scarf: Kohl's, Belt: thrifted, Dress: Forever 21, Boots: Target)


  1. Fun! I like the creativeness and using bold colors in winter- it seems like we tend to go more black/grey/dark colors during winter when what we really need is the bright and bold colors to cheer us up! She looks very comfortable. I know I have summer clothes I try to incorporate into my wardrobe during winter because it takes so long for summer to get here!

    You both have great blogs!

  2. What a great idea! : ) Love all the pictures!!

  3. Great guest post! Love this idea! And she is just gorgeous! Happy weekend :) xoxo

  4. I agrew with laura ^ Im loving all the ideas im seeking to incorporate bold colors into winter wardbrobes.

  5. That's a seriously cool idea! :O


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