Thursday, January 27, 2011


I was working on my laptop a few nights ago while listening to Diana Krall's "The Very Best of Diana Krall" album.

What in the world is shifafa? I have listened to "The Frim-Fram Sauce" song 17 times (to be exact - thank you iTunes) and every time I have wondered what "shifafa" is.

"That's it! Wikipedia - what sayest thou?"

Definition: "The Frim Fram Sauce" is a jazz song, made famous by The Nat King Cole Trio and performed by a variety of musicians (including Ella Fitzgerald) over the years. "The Frim Fram Sauce" was written in 1945.

"The Frim Fram Sauce" is best remembered for its silly lyrics. The narrator speaks to a waiter in a restaurant, as if in the process of ordering food. Throughout the song, the customer lists numerous real foods that he doesn't want, such as pork chops and fish cakes. In the chorus, he explains what he really wants: some "frim fram sauce" with the "ossentay" and "chifafa" on the side. Of course, none of these foods really exist, so at the end he gives up and says: "If you don't have it, just bring me a check for the water!"


  1. i have never heard of Diana Krall or this song but i watched the video and like it a lot! it is very fun and quirky.

  2. well this post was enlightening. :)

  3. shifafa. what a cool word even if it really doesnt exist. i've never heard of diana krall, i'll have to check her song out.

  4. I have never heard this song before.

  5. I just now listed to this song in my car the n'th time and I never knew what she is saying " shifafa ", I did not knew that this is a made up word. very cool :)


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