Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My button

Look over on the side of my blog... see any new additions? My new button! Don't forget to grab it and put it on your blog.

And... I have a fun announcement! I'm hosting a special guest post by Painting the Air on Friday! She has a fantastic "Transformers" tip for you!


  1. Your button looks great!!! And guess what, I´ll grab it right away and put it on my blog!

  2. LOVE the button....I'm in the process of designing mine right now! but i love yours way more than what i have right now! haha your job sounds super exciting - I work in PR so I work a lot with graphics designers. Excited to follow! :)

  3. Yay! I'm so excited! The button is beautiful!

  4. What a cute button! I need to make one and start grabbing buttons from all my bloggy friends!

  5. LOVE your new button! =)

    Ohmygosh and the dryer balls work -- but I have a feeling the "mister steamy" dryer ball works even better! I'm contemplating buying it to go with my other two! Everything comes out fluffy and dries faster


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