Friday, March 4, 2011

I love...

I found an amazing new website... the flowers are to die for. Thanks to Amarillo y Crema for linking to Poppies and Posies. I love unique flowers.Can I get married tomorrow?

I love J. Crew's idea here... fun way to see their new pants, as well as the creativity behind their employees. I think I'm an "Emma" or a "Laura." Which one are you?

When I lived in Germany, I saw these little wooden figure models everywhere. Decorations in chique offices; modeling in art studios; keeping someone comfort on a kitchen window sill. Random, I know. I bought two. I keep one at work, a small one, and a large one in my bedroom. I love 'em!

I found this photo on The Pioneer Woman. Her caption: "This is what I sweep up after a week of ignoring housework."

I love clean floors.


  1. My coworker has one of those Ikea forms in her office. The kids play with it in their counseling sessions, all the time.

  2. I have these wooden figure models, too. :) I got one for my daughter.

  3. I love those forms!!! Hunter has one on his desk/our dining table and I like to make it do weird breakdance moves to make him laugh. Totally agree about Poppies and Posies - flowers just make me so happy :).


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