Thursday, March 24, 2011

Toilet paper

I love the cleaning people in my office. Want to know why? I think I'm usually the first person to use the restroom in the morning, so I get to see the cleanliness and order of the bathroom. My favorite part is the end of the toilet paper that the cleaning person folds into a neat point. I know, right? Awesome! It's like finding a mint on your pillow - what a treat. I think I might start folding the toilet paper at my house for when guests come over. Try it at your house and see if your guests say anything!

The only thing I don't like about the cleaning people is, they always leave the toilet seat up. I'm not sure if it is a guy cleaning the toilets and he leaves them up out of habit, or maybe they don't like touching the toilet seat as much as I don't.


  1. I just did this! My fiance asked if we had a maid. I asked him if it looked like we had a maid. He said no. I gave him "the look". :)

  2. i've been impressed by the toilet paper too (i must be the first to use the restrooms on six... ha ha!) and yes, the seat up is so annoying! i love that you blog about it. you're great.

  3. I'm so glad you found my blog and hence, I found yours. I loveeeeee this idea and I cannot wait to do it! I have this weird pet peeve where I have to have the toilet paper set up where it rolls on the top (like in hotels) not from the bottom - and I have definitely been known to make a switcheroo if I'm at a house that is not my own - hoping people don't realize it hehe but now, maybe I will also put a heart fold on it! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

  4. That is nice. I´ve seen it at a few hotels.


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