Thursday, March 3, 2011

A loaf?

You know what you call a five-pound piece of caramel?

A loaf.

A "loaf" of caramel.

I know, right? Random.

I saw this add on Orson Gygi's website and just had to share it with you. Who knew a five-pound piece of caramel existed, let alone was called a "loaf."


  1. My roommates and I recently discovered that a block of cheese is also called a loaf. Interesting. Loaf loaf loaf. It's a funny word.

  2. Oh man... that looks SO good. Must be my diet speaking.

  3. I like that this is the post immediately after "Healthy is good..." That loaf doesn't look bad.

  4. I think I will start making my PB&J sandwiches with that!

  5. what the.
    i love carmel, but that fact that 5 pounds of it is called a loaf, kinda ruined carmel for me....
    ok, maybe not. it's too good.


  6. I was going to saying something like Daniel said! So mean to tempt us with that. :)


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