Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

So, let's start with the awkward and get that out of the way, because it's pretty awkward. I feel awkward just thinking about it.

I'm at Walmart (first mistake) on Saturday printing off pictures to frame for my new room. (I'll show you as soon as I have them hung.) I've just waited almost an hour for my "instant" prints, because they failed to put "broken" signs on two of the machines. Then I get to the checkout stand and this nice, old lady gives me an awkward smile. I say hello and ask her how she's doing. She says okay. Oh. I tried to talk to her a bit, but I didn't get anything back. Then a girl about my age comes up and puts her stuff on the conveyer belt - the checkout lady shot a major glare at this girl, and the girl asked, "Oh, I'm sorry. Are you not open?" The older woman replied, "Well, I've been waiting about an hour to go to the bathroom. I'm old, and I have diharrea and gas. Sorry. Sometimes you just can't hold it, so I have to go now." Exact. Words.

*Insert cricket chirp here...*

The other girl and I looked at each other, I smiled at the checkout lady, took my bag and said, "Have a nice day!"


On a much happier note, guess where I went on Saturday night? I was supposed to be in Los Angeles with some friends this weekend, but some stuff came up at work and I really didn't want to miss two days of work. So, a friend called me and asked if I would join him at the Deer Valley Music Festival. I was sold. But it gets better. Then he told me who was performing: Chris Botti. Holla! If you know me well, you'll know that I have more jazz music in my iTunes playlists than any other music. I. Love. Jazz. And Chris Botti happens to be one of my favorite trumpet players, after Louis Armstrong, naturally. We drove up there and as soon as we were out of the car, I melted. The scenery is breathtaking; everything is nestled in the mountains by Park City. We had incredible seats that demanded we walk by the stage...where Chris Botti was standing. I may or may not have an itty-bitty crush on Chris Botti. He kind of looks like Sting, if you need a comparison. (Oddly enough, Chris Botti was the opening band for Sting's tour a few years ago when Chris was trying to launch his career.) Anyway, let's just say that one minute all I wanted to do was get up and dance, and the next minute I was paralyzed with how gorgeous the music was. There's something about seeing/ hearing jazz performed live - it's unlike anything. Next stop, Blue Note Jazz Club in NYC.
Incredibly awesome.


  1. Haha oh my goodness, awkward!! But pretty funny.

  2. That is so funny and awkward! Poor lady! Love the awesome post..concerts at Deer valley are so magical!

  3. never a dull moment at walmart. poor woman!
    p.s. for future reference: do not bring a baby to walmart. strange people will touch him/her. avoid it at all costs!

  4. So cool that you got to go!! To the music festival, of course, not to Walmart. :) Sounds like the music was awesome!

  5. Reason #234532 not to shop at Wal-Mart.

    I will have to check Chris Botti's music out. I absolutely love Park City in the summer; I bet it was just gorgeous up there.

  6. That's awesome!! And... awkward... (duh) haha! I am kinda super sorry about that walmart experience... I think it's things like that, that make me love walmart so much. hahaha! And that concert sounds fantatic!

  7. Is it me, or does this new font forces me to exercise in intuitive reading. I swear I have to guess almost every other word, because I can't easily read it.

    Is anyone else experiencing it? Is it, maybe, my browser? I'm using Chrome.

  8. @Roku - sorry about that. Not sure if it was the browswer or what... I just changed the font so hopefully this is better. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. ha! classic wal-mart. i LOVE it! and what fun to see chris in concert! he is super talented. sounds like the perfect weekend:)


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