Thursday, July 28, 2011

Which glue today?

I'm really curious to know how much time this person had on their hands when they thought of making this diagram...

And on a less sarcastic note, don't you wish we had diagrams like this for more things in life? It would make life so much easier.


  1. It sure would! I have a fun geeky chart board on pinterest. Love charts!

    p.s. forgot to say how much I love your new look. I have a mac and I can make your blog look bigger by moving my mouse and yet I can't do that with my blog. Are you using a personalized template?

  2. I feel like this could save me a lot of money from being "tricked" at the craft store...cause you could totally use fabric glue for paper and you don't even need to buy fabric glue cause you can just use hot glue or craft glue! Genius.

  3. Hot Glue will always be my glue of choice no matter what. Although according to this I shouldn't use it on metal. I am a little curious what exactly expansive glue is?

  4. Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Was going to send you an email saying hello, but for now a comment will suffice (couldn't find your email address). Naturally, I'll need to talk a bit about glue to sound somewhat relevant, so here it goes. I once used Gorilla glue to fix a table. DIdn't work. Epic fail. However, their branding was pretty good, so I'll give them that. They had me convinced that their mighty gorilla glue could fix anything. Meh.

    So glad to have found you ;)

  5. so very helpful. Seriously. Every product should have a diagram to follow like this!

  6. hahahahaha! I just wonder how they knew so much about glue! Looks like hot glue all the way though! :)

    -Heather from

  7. And who knew there were so many kinds of glue.. you can tell I'm not a very crafty person.


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