Monday, July 11, 2011

Women in Business

Thanks to Freckles in April for posting about this conference - I'm incredibly excited about it and definitely plan on attending. Kayla actually knows the woman who is the brains behind this conference, Kristy Williams. She sounds amazing. You can read her story here.

A little bit about Kristy entails taking "a sabbatical from Wall Street to pursue a different dream in order to help others live theirs. In the midst of this, [she] learned that women in the U.S. may be placated, even pampered, but because [they] aren't dreaming, [they] are also desperate and depressed. Drawing on a variety of sources, ranging from academic studies to pop culture, dare to dream encourages us to dream. And then to act on our dreams."


  1. Very cool- I wish I was around to go to that!

  2. Thanks for spreading the word about this conference. Are you going to be coming?


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