Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mouth watering olive oil...

I love olive oil. When I was in Italy, one of the few souvenirs I brought back from Tuscany was a bottle of truffles (a type of and a bottle of some of the best olive oil I've ever tasted. I think that's when my love affair started. The smell. The taste. The color. Mmmmm.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I went to the Farmers Market downtown and fell in love. There was an amazing booth called Mountain Town Olive Oil Co. They have a store at the Gateway mall as well, so on a girls night out with my sisters and mom, guess where we went? The olive oil store. (That's what I call it now.) We walked in and I felt like I walked through a secret portal to Tuscany. Ahhhh! It was heaven. One of the employees swept me off my feet by introducing me to all of their different flavors of olive oils and balsamic vinegars. She kept giving me little sample cups to try - can one get drunk off olive oil and balsamic vinegar?

Here are some of the samples she had me try:

1. Tuscan Herb Olive Oil + Sicilian Lemon Balsamic (great over grilled shrimp and pasta)

2. Chipotle Olive Oil + Black Cherry Balsamic (great for ribs or steak)

3. Blood Orange Olive Oil + Chocolate Balsamic (divine over salads or desserts... sounds weird but I triple dog dare you to try it. You'll love it.)

But the winner for me was:

Persian Lime Olive Oil + Pomegranate Balsamic (brings the taste of a salad to a whole new level.)

So, the next time you're in SLC and want something unique to do, go check out the Olive Oil store. You won't regret it.


  1. Um yum!! I should go there when I get back!

  2. My mouth is totally watering right now!

  3. I love that place! Olive oil + vinegar are so delicious; I love their unique varieties.

  4. GREAT BLOG! you are so interesting and inspirational! i would love to have you check out my blog and let me know what you think of it! your opinions would really mean a lot! :) i love your style and these pictures! Great!

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