Friday, November 6, 2009

Best friends for life


  1. You two are such beautiful sisters!

  2. Ok-you girls are too cute. Speaking of which...Ash, I need you to help me find some good brown boots...preferably flats, that I can wear with jeans and possibly to work too...but I'm guessing that combo is unlikely so I may have to settle with some black ones for work. You're too stylish not to have advice in this area.

  3. Brown, flat boots? Hmm, have you checked DSW in Sandy? I know that is kind of a ways a way? (Wait, is this Jessica Goodwin or Jessica Smith?) DSW has a million boots and they categorize them in sections of flats vs heels... and colors. I would say DSW or could try looking at JC Penneys... I was shocked the other day when I peeked in Penneys and found the most DARLING pencil skirts! $19! Score! Try those and see what you find... let us know!


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