Thursday, November 5, 2009

Office episode

Today, my life was an episode from The Office.

We had a meeting in our department (The Daily Universe) called The Sensitivity meeting.

We learned about the importance of not discriminating against others. Period. The presenter from the Equal Opportunities Office gave us examples using Sam, the statistics TA, and Andrea, a student in his class. Sam was interested in Andrea, so he asked her out. Andrea wasn't interested in going on a date with Sam, so she gracefully declined. Did that stop Sam? Nope. Sam persisted in asking Andrea out but she never consented. Pretty soon, Andrea's grades started to decline.

Uh oh! Discrimination!

The presenter talked about texting and how an unwelcome text can be discrimination. We all looked at one of our co-workers and started laughing, because he loves sending texts to all of us in the office and with discriminatory remarks... jokes of course.

We came back to the office, laughed, and then proceeded to talk to each other on our phones via conference call. You have to understand: our office is one big room... everyone has a station and a phone... and we talk to each other via conference call.

My day was an episode from The Episode.


  1. ha ha, I just had that same meeting the other day at the MOA, with the exact same story!!! unfortunately though we aren't as cool as you and there was no fun on the phones afterwards!

  2. Check the very last line of this post...I think you meant "The Office," not "The Episode." Hehe whoops!
    We had an entire training course on sexual harassment (or how to have the lack thereof?) and I've never laughed that hard in my life. It was an online course and they'd give examples like, "Pedro was out getting a burrito when he saw his work crush, Janet, on a date with another coworker, Paul, so he threw his burrito at Paul."

    First of all, "Pedro getting a burrito"? Ya, that's politically correct. Second of all, who throws their burrito to get even?



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