Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Give him a cape... cause he's all over the place!

Last night, I attended the BYU Basketball game against Idaho State, care of The Daily Universe. (Thanks DU!) We had front row tickets (I ended up getting 10 tickets and brought along 10 friends) and screamed our lungs out.

I was surprised at the "enthusiasm" with which some of the guys behind me were responding to the game. Wow! I forgot how lively a game can become.

As I was flinching, trying to protect my eardrums, I mentally made notes of some of the things these guys were saying cause I wanted to include them in this post.

"HEY REF! YOUR SHOES ARE REALLY SHINY!" (They really did look like tuxedo shoes.)

"HOW LONG DID THE DOCTOR TELL YOU TO WEAR THOSE SHOES REF?!" (To a ref sporting some nice, black, grandpa shoes.)

Referring to Jackson Emery playing the court really well: "GIVE HIM A CAPE... CAUSE HE'S ALL OVER THE PLACE!"

Directed to the Idaho State Coach: "HEY COACH! PUT YOUR GOOD PLAYERS IN!" Ouch.

Cosmo was definitely getting into the game. He also came and paid our row a visit... and gave me an apple.

We made it home and my roommates informed me that they had seen our row on the sports report on TV that night.

I also went to bed with a sore throat from screaming... definitely worth it.

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