Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coconut Juice... chunky style

I worked on Saturday. I was in front of a Seafood Market trying to get Phillippino people to sign a petition. The manager of the market was extremely kind and supportive to our cause. Half way through our time, he came out with three cans of "coconut juice." He said we probably wanted something cool to drink since it was pretty warm outside.

I cracked the can open and took a little sip. The reaction I had was to bite. I don't think it is a usual reaction to bite when I'm drinking something, but this time I did, because there was something to bite. I bit. It was kind of chewy. My eyes got really big [out of fear] and the manager watched me started to laugh. I looked at him with kind of laughing eyes [I really didn't want to offend him if I threw up,] wondering what he was feeding me, and then swallowed. I looked in the can and saw small white chunks of coconut floating in my coconut juice.

I laughed. He laughed.

Coconut chunks in my coconut juice. Go figure.

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