Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sus Bolsas

This was my job today:

[Disclaimer: I only memorized these lines out loud. I have no idea how to spell the words... be patient with me.]


"Hola! Puere firmar mi petition?"

"Por que?"

"El Gobierno quiere quitarce o gravar impuestos en bolsas plasticas y papeles. Puere firmar mi petition decir el gobierno que las personas en esta area no quiere pagar mas por sus bolsas?"

[Insert "firmar" here..."]

"Muchas gracias! Buenos días!"

*Grunt* and walk away.

Direct translation of the above conversation:
"Hi! Will you sign my petition?"

"For what?"

"The government wants to put a ban or tax on paper and plastic bags. Will you sign my petition to tell the government that the people in this area don't want to pay more for their bags?"

[Insert their signature here...]

"Thank you! Have a good day!"

*Grunt and walk away.* [Yes, it's the same in Spanish as it is in English.]

[Now that I type it out in English, it sounds kind of repetitive. Oh well. I think most of the signatures I get with my Spanish are just pity signatures. They're trying to shut me up by just signing the dang petition.]

One lady liked me and my Spanish so much, she yelled at me, "NO HABLO ENGLISH!" and waved her hand in my face to get me to go away. Oh well - it isn't every day she gets to hear such a lovely German-Spanish accent.

I am now trilingual.


  1. You crack me up! I really laugh out loud sometimes while reading your posts. It sounds like you're having a good time! I hope things are going well!!

    Love ya, cuz!

  2. Awesome! Great job. I can't wait to hear you speak it in person. :) hee-hee. Sounds like you're having tons of fun.

  3. congratulations on becoming trilingual!


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