Saturday, May 8, 2010

San Jose/San Fran

What is this, you're asking? Jicama salad. I ate this interesting goodness on Tuesday night in San Jose at a fancy restaurant located in Santana Row. (A fancy outdoor mall in San Jose.)

Last night about midnight, I rolled back into Los Angeles. Hannah, Amanda and I were pooped after a super long week of working up in San Jose. (We also did a little bit of playing in San Francisco.) We worked very long days and drove a lot. It was totally worth it. We were successful in our purpose in going to San Jose, which was to fight a bill against a toy ban in restaurants. Duh. Who would ban toys? The county supervisors will vote on Tuesday to decide whether it will become an actual ban - our work was to try and stop it. We'll see if it happens.

We ate out a lot because we were staying in a hotel without a kitchen. I don't think I can eat out again for a while. I'm sick of eating out. I did, however, ate my first meal of fish and chips at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Thank you to all the friends who were there who supported me in that venture. I actually enjoyed it. I'm not usually a huge fish person, but the cod wasn't too fishy. (Ha ha ha, pun definitely intended.)

I sure loved the drive up there and back. California is so beautiful. We drove through the country and a few vineyards and a mountain pass. Woo! I love that I grew up in the northern California area - so gorgeous.

Here are a few pics of the week. I love the people with whom I work - we have a really awesome group.

Fisherman's Wharf! I LOVE this place.

A store just for me.

Lisa, Amanda, Abram and Eric... four out of the six interns. Hannah was lost at this point... we later grounded her from going off by herself. :) 

The walruses at Pier 39.  (They're calling you Amanda and Hannah...)

The six interns... we rock... [Special thanks to Mr. Woahn for his super photography skills.]



  1. That last picture actually turned out pretty well. I'd give full props to the photographer on that one...

  2. santana row!! you were in my old stomping ground. glad you are having so many adventures, ash. miss you!


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