Wednesday, May 26, 2010

iPods and Beds

Let's say you are getting in your car for an hour-long drive to work. You pull out your blue-tooth or your headset so you can call your good friend and catch up on the latest. You are also calling to get some advice on an important matter in your life.

You dial.

They pick up.

You talk for a while. (Please note that you are the only one doing the talking.)

You bring up the matter about which you are seeking advice, and your friend is just about to start giving you that advice when you reach for your iPod and turn on your favorite tune for the week, "Sweet Disposition," by The Temper Trap.

Wait, what happened? Weren't you about to listen to your friend's advice? Guess not.

I learned a lesson this week about prayer. Prayer is a conversation with our Heavenly Father. How many of us tend to "talk" in our prayers and ask for advice and direction, but when it comes time to "listen," we are closing our prayers and rolling into bed. (Rolling into bed = turning on our favorite song... if you didn't catch the analogy.)

Think about it.

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