Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love is in the air...

It must be spring time. The following is a list of a few of my lovely, amazing friends who are getting married. CONGRATULATIONS! (If I missed you, I apologize. Send me a message and remind my sad, forgetful brain and I will add you to the list...)

1. Breanne Jensen (past roommate and best friend)

2. Jessica Stevenson (past mission companion and best friend)

3. Caitlin McCain (past co-worker and best friend)

4. Ashley Elizabeth Jones (Ha ha...JK... just checking to see if you're paying attention)

5. Ian Douglas Shepley (past ward/ study buddy)

6. Quinton Kimball (past zone leader and AP on the mission)

7. Daniel Mooney and Jennifer Bloomfield (past ward buddies... yep, they're marrying each other! Can I count that as two?)

8. Krisy Bennett (past classmate who rocked my PR world)



    I am like you, the list is long and I'm not on it.

  2. Yeah, it only gets worse as you get older. After awhile, all of your mission buddies (do sister missionaries refer to their comps as 'buddies?') are married, even the ones that came out when you were on your way home. Longer still, they'll start having kids, you'll move to California for work, approaching your mid-to-late twenties, and find yourself seemingly further from an eternal family. I'm definitely not talking about my situation, haha. But hey, hang in there. An intelligent, righteous, attractive, driven RM such as yourself doesn't stay unmarried for long.


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