Saturday, May 1, 2010

Trash "Assessment"

I got to help clean up the LA river yesterday. For any of you who are from the LA area, you know that the LA river isn't really a "river." Ha ha. It isn't much of anything.

As part of my internship, we were "loaned out" to help do some trash assessment for a couple of the environmentalist groups that were there.

I'd like to make something clear: I had a blast. It was a really interesting process. However, when I say trash assessment, we weren't just looking over the trash that was being brought up and disposed. We took every 5th bag that was brought up from the river, ripped it open, dumped it on the ground and organized it into piles. [Some piles included: glass, plastic, metal, clothing, foam...] They were basically wanting to get an idea of the trash that is littering the LA river. So, I played with litter yesterday. Yay!

Interested to know what we found?

Litter was [but was not limited to] the following:
Boxers, plastic bags, blankets, cans, candy wrappers, shopping carts, foam cups, bone, and a few more random things.

Oh, and a cucumber. We put that in the "other" pile.


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  2. BONE??? ew. what kind of bone - HUMAN BONE? just kidding. sound like a blast.


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