Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My hair goes through stages. I am currently in the "long hair" stage. But there comes a time when I start to see other girls and their short hair and I think to myself, "I could cut it and grow it back out if I don't like it." How long has it taken me to get my hair long? Long enough. Long enough to know that I don't want to try it again. Over two years. Let's say that.

But, if I WAS to cut my hair... I would consider this style:

The pixie cut.

I am a humongous fan of the pixie cut. Any girl who can pull it off... wow... I give them props, and I envy them just a little. If I was to cut my hair like this, I'd look like a boy. But at least a cute boy, hopefully.


  1. *cough* long hair suits you

  2. Baaa ha ha ha ha! I love you Anonymous! I think I know who wrote that comment.

  3. You really don't, I should follow you though, I'm not entirely sure how, haha

  4. K, maybe I don't know you... but feel free to follow me. Top left corner of your browser window there is a button that says "follow." Click it and you're in business.

  5. Done! Does this mean I'm part of the cool club?


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