Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bucket List Item #2

Before I came to LA, I created a bucket list. For those of you who don't know what a bucket list is, it is usually know a list of things you want/ have to do before you die. Since I don't plan on dying for a while, I decided to make a bucket list specifically for my summer in LA. An example could be if you go to Rome, your bucket list would probably include seeing the Pantheon and the Colosseum. Or, maybe going to Rome period, is on your bucket list.

Anyway, in the past week, I have marked off two items from my bucket list.

#1: I visited the Griffith Observatory in LA with some friends. Seeing how it is in LA, we couldn't see very many stars... not even the Hollywood sign on the mountain across the way. But, we got some food and watched the sunset, as well as saw an awesome show. Worth it? Yes. Would I visit again? Yes. Celeb sighting? Yes: Danny Ainge.

#2: I went to my first Dodgers game! WOOO! My darling friend Hillary invited my roommate Hannah and me to go to the game tonight. We played the Cardinals and kicked some trash. I feel like I got the whole experience: we walked into the stadium and was handed a bobble-head of Jonathan Broxton (a pitcher for the Dodgers); found our seats and took a few pictures; got a Dodger Dog (delish!); sang "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"; stuffed myself with peanuts because the two older drunk couples in front of us kept giving us peanuts; saw a guy propose to his girlfriend on the big screen (and watched him totally get shafted as she ran away... but she eventually came back and said yes!); saw some very attractive Dodger fans; saw the Dodgers win.

It was an awesome night. Thanks Hillary!

Our seats were bomb!

The said peanuts that the nice people in front of us kept feeding us. That had to have been the biggest bag of peanuts I have ever seen. (See the red bag by my knees? Ya.


Darling friends.

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